Budget Cuts in High School Music Program

Budget cuts in public school music programs are widespread. But worse than that, there are public schools in every state that do not even have a music program. In many cases, budget cuts force schools to sacrifice their arts and music programs in favor of the science, technology, engineering, and math programs. Schools that still have music programs often struggle to find great music fundraising ideas to help the program thrive.

Exclusive Fundraising for Band Programs and Music Programs

music city popcorn original flavorThose schools who fight to keep their art and music programs have to offset budget cuts by turning to Federal grants, boosters, and fundraising. But Federal grants may be difficult to get so booster clubs and fundraisers become the principle means of support.

Music City Popcorn is proud to offer music and marching band fundraising programs that can produce a significant amount of support in a short time. Our product, delicious popcorn in six different flavors, is easy to sell and profits are extremely high. Therefore, you can reach higher monetary goals.

Why Is Fundraising Necessary

When state and local governments cannot collect enough taxes that are earmarked for funding a particular line item in their budgets, that specific line item gets cut. In most cases, the largest source of funding for public schools is property taxes. When people are not buying homes, or they are losing their homes, governments cut school funding. And usually it’s the art and music programs that feel the pinch first.

Once funds for public schools get cut, it’s difficult to get those funds reinstated. So, the choices are twofold:

  • just give up on the arts
  • raise your own funds to support the arts

We Are Here to Support Your Music Programs

At Music City Popcorn, we don’t think the first choice above is acceptable! We want to keep the music playing in schools across the country. We believe music education fosters creativity in young minds, and it should be available to all children.¬†Please contact us for more music and band fundraising information.